My main research focus is on decision-making and information processes in social contexts. I’m interested in how people interacting together share, transform and integrate information in order to make individual and collective decisions, often reaching outstanding results (e.g. Wisdom of Crowds and 2-Heads-Better-Than-One effects). I want to investigate the properties of networks of recursively interacting agents by studying their behaviour and dynamics in opinion space. In particular I’m looking at how people decisions and sense of confidence are affected by social interaction. The main tools I’m using are Signal Detection Theory (SDT), Bayesian and Agent-Based modelling and analysis of behavioural results.

Parallel interests include epistemology, philosophy of science and the history of 20th century scientific discoveries. I’m fascinated by the symbiosis between technology and humans and interested in the long term effects of blending technology into daily life (often referred as Ubiquitous Computing). I believe that technology must be used to connect us all and optimize the information processing that we are all part of; if we succeed we will be able to achieve superior collective decisions.
In my private life I’m passionate of theatre in all its forms, tastes and shapes. Artaud, Pirandello, Fo and many others have inspired me with the important questions that I’m now investigating from the point of view of cognitive neurosciences.