I did my BSc. at the Università degli Studi di Padova where I took a degree Summa cum laude in Cognitive Sciences and Psychobiology. I did my internship in the Human Technology Lab of Luciano Gamberini and Anna Spagnolli. As intern I worked on the European Commission FP7 CEEDs project. I then took a MSc. Dual Masters in Brain and Mind Sciences, spending one year in UCL, London, and one in UPMC and ENS, Paris. In both cities I combined taught courses with experimental practice. In London I developed my passion for crowd cognition and information processing at the collective level. There I worked with Bahador Bahrami, who at the time was in the Awareness Group of Geraint Rees. My project focused on the link between metacognition and cooperation among partners in dyads of interacting individuals.

In Paris I worked in INSERM-CEA Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit, Neurospin center, supervised by Stanislas Dehaene and Jean-Remi King, getting for the first time in touch with magnetoencephalography and multivariate pattern analysis.

In 2013 I won a Clarendon Scholarship that allowed me to start my DPhil at the University of Oxford in the fall of the same year. I spent four fantastic years in the ACC lab of Nick Yeung, on several projects. Here I investigated how self-monitoring mechanisms facilitate information sharing across individuals, help social inference in the absence of feedback and create mutual dependencies with other people’s opinions.

In August 2017, I joined the Scalable Cooperation group of Iyad Rahwan, at the MIT Media Lab. I am working on several projects involving information dynamics in groups and game theory. I am also part of the IARPA-funded HFC competition, which tries to optimally blend human and machine forecasting systems.