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07/12/2019 · How to Make a X-Men: "Rachel Summers/ Phoenix" Costume: Rachel Summers aka Rachel Grey, Phoenix, Marvel Girl, Hound is the daughter of an alternate future counterparts to Cyclops and Jean Grey. The girl has super telepathic and telekinesis powers and was even host to the Phoenix force. Rachel spends. Months later, Rachel was captured by the mutant predator Elias Bogan who used her as his pet telepath, enslaving other mutants to do his bidding. After Bogan's defeat at the hands of the X-treme, X-Men team, Rachel was freed from his telepathic control and rejoined the X-Men, taking the codename Marvel Girl to honor the memory of her mother. May 7, 2016- Explore xmenrock's board "Rachel Summers", followed by 119 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Rachel summers, Marvel girls and Marvel. 18/09/2009 · A X-Men fanvideo about Rachel Summers aka Marvel Girl and Rachel Grey, showing some biggest struggles and battles from Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur and Cable. Music is Stand in the Rain by Superchick. Rachel is the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey from the future, who first appeared in Days of Future Past.

Rachel Summers aussi connue comme Rachel Grey est une super-héroïne évoluant dans l'univers Marvel de la maison d'édition Marvel Comics. Créé par le scénariste Chris Claremont et les dessinateurs John Byrne et John Romita Jr., le personnage de fiction apparaît pour la première fois dans le comic book Uncanny X-Men 141 en janvier 1981. The Uncanny X-Men 206 from June 1986 titled “Freedom is a Four-Letter Word!” Featured are Storm, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Summers, Jessica Drew, Lindsay McCabe, David Ishima, Sabrina Morrel, Amanda Sefton, Judith Rassendyll, Blob,. Rachel Summers is the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey and the step-daughter of Emma Frost. Rachel was born in 1994 to Scott and Jean Summers. Logan was named her godather and Kitty Pryde her godmother. In 96 her mother and Professor X. 13/06/2019 · Freaked out, Rachel ran off and next appeared in UNCANNY X-MEN 184-185 where she wondered if she'd time traveled to the right past! Though weakened by the trip through space-time, Rachel's raw power still made her the perfect mark for the energy vampire Selene. When the villain attacked, Summers ran off and wound up in Nick Damiano's night club. We first met Rachel Summers during the classic X-Men storyline,. Fox's The Gifted Has Set the Stage for Rachel Summers' Debut; Tags: x-men, The Gifted. More in CBR Exclusives. Follow CBR on Facebook Follow CBR on Twitter Follow CBR on Youtube. Explore Our Brands.

X-Men Editar. Vários meses depois, após Jean Grey ter morrido, Rachel se juntou aos X-Men adotando o antigo codinome da mãe: Garota Marvel. Agora ela carrega consigo um artefato que foi deixado pela mãe antes de morrer, um mecanismo que contém sua impressão holoempática uma cópia da consciência de Jean. Havok Alexander "Alex" Summers is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with the X-Men. He first appears in Uncanny X-Men No. 54 March 1969, and was created by writer Arnold Drake and penciller Don Heck. The daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey in an alternate timeline, young Rachel Summers inherited her mother's potential for telepathic and telekinetic powers she possessed as Marvel Girl of the X-Men, a team of mutant adventurers fighting for peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans. Sep 10, 2017- Explore CWeeksCosplay's board "Rachel Summers", followed by 1840 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Rachel summers, Marvel girls and X men.

Rachel Anne Summers also known as Rachel Grey is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Rachel was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist/co-writer John Byrne. In her first appearance, the character's surname was not revealed; later. With 7,601 Issue Summaries online, chances are you may not have read the following Issue Summary. X-men Days of Future Past Heroclix: Rachel Summers 010 by Wizkids:: Giochi e giocattoli. Passa al contenuto principale. Iscriviti a Prime Ciao, Accedi Account e liste Accedi Account e liste Ordini Iscriviti a Prime Carrello. Giochi e. SUMMER LOVING the love interests of the Summers clan: Page 6 of 9. Rachel Summers Franklin Richards. In the alternate reality Days Of Future Past,. 1st series 52, X-Men 1st series 141] Years after Rachel crossed over from that timeline and built herself a new life in the present, the adult Franklin Richards suddenly appeared in.

Rachel "Ray" Anne Summers, conosciuta anche solo come Rachel Grey, è un personaggio dei fumetti creato da Chris Claremont testi e John Byrne disegni, pubblicato dalla Marvel Comics. Apparsa per la prima volta sulle pagine di Uncanny X-Men n. 141 gennaio 1981.01/02/2019 · Rachel Summers/Grey Appreciation 2019; All users, both new and returning,. plus I like the idea of pairing Emma and Rachel in a different book that takes them both away from the X-Men for a while. I think Rachel needs to get away from the X-Books so she is not Telepath of the Week 1000.rachel-: a fansite devoted to rachel summers aka marvel girl, phoenix and rachel grey, from uncanny x-men.Sfruttando il dolore e la solitudine della ragazza, Mastermind la convinse di essere Lady Grey, aristocratica Regina Nera del Club e sua amante, ma le difese psichiche di Jean erano difficili da aggirare, e nel frattempo, la giovane si riunì ai suoi redivivi.
  1. This profile is the first in a series. It covers the 1981-1987 appearances of Rachel Summers, a psionic time traveller from a nightmarish who joined the X-Men in the present. While she adopted the code-name Phoenix during this period, I’ve kept the name for the subsequent profile, when she has full.
  2. Rachel seguirà suo padre su Providence e si metterà ad addestrare reclute. La odieranno. 2040: immagino che Rachel e gli X-men sventeranno l'assassinio del Senatore Kelly. Madre Askani Modifica. In qualche modo che ancora non conosciamo, molto in là nel futuro Rachel.
  3. Rachel Anne Summers, also known as Rachel Grey, is a mutant from another dimension. She is 5'7" and weighs 125 pounds. She has red hair and green eyes. Summers is a mutant classified as a "Class Omega", as well as daughter of the Phoenix. Summers inherited enormous psionic powers from.
  1. Rachel then freaks out when she learns that her mother, Jean Grey, died BEFORE Scott married Madelyne and so therefore, Rachel could not possibly have been born in this timeline. She recovers and finally, in Uncanny X-Men 189, she is referred to as Rachel Summers for the first time.
  2. NEXT EPISODE: The Adventures of Rachel Summers in the 37th Century! Check out the visual companion to this episode on our blog! Find us on iTunes or Stitcher! Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men is 100% ad-free and listener supported. If you want to help support the podcast–and unlock more cool stuff–you can do that right here!
  3. Rachel Summers X-Men – Bonus Pic Share. Log in to report abuse. Continuing with the same style as the last few bonus pics, this one was quite inspired by the work of Joel Jurion JJ Frenchie, the guy has been my inspiration for a long time, but I never manage to get even close to his level of quality when it comes to proportions and.

But it’s more than that. This is a comic that is intimately intertwined with the whole world of X-Men comics in the ‘90s, and one that assumes not only that the reader knows about that world, but that s/he cares deeply about it — so soon before that ‘90s X-world was going to get wiped away. Rachel Summers egy kitalált szereplő, szuperhős a Marvel Comics képregényeiben. A szereplőt Chris Claremont és John Byrne alkotta meg. Első megjelenése az Uncanny X-Men. Rachel Summers Bios Real Name Rachel "Ray" Anne Summers Type Blast Base Tier Tier-1 Allies Mutant Gender Male Side Hero Biometrics Rachel Summer's Special Training in Danger Room Uniform Modern Base Stats Max Stats RankLevel 1 60 Energy Atk. 18/11/2019 · Rachel Anne "Ray" Summers, or Rachel Grey, and also known with the alias Phoenix, Marvel Girl and Prestige, is a Marvel Comics mutant superheroine who is associated with the X-Men. She debuted in X-Men 141 January 1981, as part of the Days of Future Past storyline. The Hounds were controlled by the cyborg called Ahab, an X-Men villain also appearing in The Gifted. The most famous of these mutants is Rachel Summers, aka Rachel Grey, Phoenix, Marvel Girl, Prestige, etc. Rachel is the daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey from the “Days of Future Past” timeline.

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